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Internal Quality Control

To provide high quality products being in conformity with the requirements of clients at every stage of prefabrication of the product, manufacturing process is strictly controlled.


It is realized by controlling the input materials, operational control and final inspection performed by the independent production departments cells: Quality Control of Foundry Department, Quality Control of Mechanical Engineering Department and the Central Laboratory.


Quality of products in accordance with PN-EN 10204: 2006 be confirmed by the relevant certificates by authorized inspection representatives of the manufacturer, independent of production departments and additionally, at the request of customers, by an authorized representative of the Purchaser or the control inspector specified in the official regulations.


 Laboratory of Huta Zabrze researching in the field:


– Chemical composition spectrometric method 

– Static tensile test of steel products

– Impact test at room temperature

– Measurements Brinell’a hardness, Rockwell (hardness testers stationary and portable)


– Visual research – VT-2

– Liquid penetrant testing – PT-2

– Test by the magnetic – particle method – MT-2

– Ultrasonic testing – UT-2

– The study of coating thickness