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Environment-friendly investments

2009: Production launch of heavy iron alloys castings performed individually with innovative material and energy-saving technology


In view of the need to continuously adapting technology to the environmental protection requirements, customer requirements and to expand production capacity and share of export in total sales, Huta Zabrze has taken action to upgrade and modernize the technology of casting. Modernization is aimed at improving the quality of castings with concomitant use of effective techniques to minimize costs and environmental protection. In collaboration with the Technical University of Krakow, we decided to implement the production of iron alloy castings made ​​individually with innovative material-energy-efficient technologies. Action on the development and implementation of production include use of Styrofoam models, use of insulation materials and exothermic power supply, use of sand molds and cores with optimum strength and use various modification of processes of ductile iron castings. Implementation of this technology will allow to produce castings with parameters that meet all quality requirements of European standards, while significantly reducing manufacturing costs.


2008: Installation the line for regeneration molding sands based on furan resins.


Regeneration technology is based on mechanical and physical processes to enable separation of used adhesive bonding material from the carcass, that is quartz sand grain. A waste product formed during the regeneration process is the dust generated during grinding the solid of molding sands collected behind the filter. Station regeneration processed approximately 600 mg weight per month with temporary capacity about 9 mg per hour. Measured effectiveness of the use regeneration of mass to allows to estimate mean recovery within about 70% with simultaneous reduction of emissions due to molding waste by 70%. Additionally, use of reclaimed lines can be closed in technological cycle.


2008: Start of hydrodynamic paint shop

Installation in the existing paint shop hydrodynamic chamber with the disposal of vapors on filters allowed the total reduction of emission of toxic fumes into the atmosphere.